Important Car Towing Tips – Check This Out!

People get stranded in the middle of nowhere all the time, a broken down car in the middle of nowhere with no mechanic on sight is calling for a tow car. Before you consider hiring a tow car to help you, make sure you consider a number of tips. If you want to know more about towing, make sure to check out the article and read about it.

First things first, make sure the towing service provider has all the right items for the process.

You have to make sure that you have the right things for your vehicle to be towed safely. Its important that you have a tow rope with you. You can buy the rope at a cheap price in your local stores and gas stations. You can also use a chain for towing. Make sure you use good quality tow ropes because you do not want to pay for a personal injury claim, right? Once you have the rope ready, make sure you attach it right on the towing eyes of your car.

Leave twelve feet of space between the two cars when it comes to attaching the tow rope. This is to make sure you have enough space to hit the brakes and other road users will also see that you are being towed. You need to make sure that your tow rope is not the same color as the tarmac.

A sign would be great to inform the other motorists following you that you are actually being towed. You can basically use any material that you can write on; a piece of paper is already good enough. Just write “being towed’ in bigger letters so that the people can see it right away to avoid problems. Driving slowly for no reason in the highway is going to be a huge problem unless you inform them that you are actually being towed.

It is important to show the towing driver these tips.

Its important that you tow the car at a steady speed that’s not too fast because it might cause damage to the car. Starting off gently and steady is going to be important because you do not want to abruptly yank in the chain or rope because it might break. If you are not the one driving the tow truck, make sure that you warn him to do turns gently because you don’t want to throw the car away when you turn. The rope could break and your vehicle could hit someone. You are going to be in a whole lot of trouble if you break the rope; there are a lot of things that could happen next. Make sure to stop right away when things go down hill because towing cars is not easy at all.

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