Names Associated with Demons

It is not possible for any wise person to doubt that demons exist. Satan’s angels are what people call demons. The relationship of Satan and his demons is that demons will execute his mandate.

In the Greek language, Daimon in the word that answers to the English word demon. There are several renown translations which will comfortably translate the word devil for translating this but view money in demonic.

The path to goodness and wellness is seen as being opposed by demons as far as the religious circles are concerned. There a multitude of ways through which the effectiveness of demons is demonstrated. The physical Illnesses, forms of spiritual warfare, the spread of false doctrine, forms of mental impairment, as well as possession happen to be part of the many ways through which demons do attack.

There is a plethora of theories showing the origin of demons.There are some who argue that demons are indeed fallen angels. Another one of the theories has it that the spirits of the wicked men is what end up being demons.

Another theory holds it that demons come from spirits of that were living a long time before man lived on the earth. The result of the sexual intercourse between women and angels was considered and is still considered to be a possible origin of demons.

The evil dead were considered by ancient Greek philosophers as the origin of demons.This happens to be one of the oldest views that pertains to the origin of demons.If you wish to know some of the names of the common demons, read on.

Molech is a popular name for a demon.In the early times of history before civilization, the Israelites factually worshiped Molech in very many instances.It is very clear where the worship of this demon originated from, but there are some people arguing that it has its origin from Canaan with the Phoenicians.
Demons who live together as congregants are referred to as legion.There are instances when a legion possesses a person, with the result being that the person becomes very hard to contain due to unimaginable strength.

Abaddon/Apollyon happens to be a name of another demon.This is a not a pleasant but a real frightening demon.Abdiel is also the name of another demon who is known as the lord of slaves and slavery. Abatu is another demon who is seen as an earthbound destroyer and comes in the order of nine angels. There is a demon who is behind all lust in the world, and he is called pan. No lust would ever be perpetrated if the demon pan was not in existence.Some of the ways of quenching this lust is untamed sexual relations.

Pluto is the one god who commands the underworld.

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